Upp Games brochure

Download the Upp Games brochure and learn all the project details. Available in SpanishItalian, French, German y Slovenian.



One Slide de Upp Games

Donwload the Upp Games One Slide and find out the project details. Also, available in Spanish, Italian, French, German y Slovenian.



Communication and Dissemination Plan of the Project

This document compiles the communication and dissemination actions and activities that will be carried out during the project by the consortium.



Dissemination Interim Report of Upp Games project

This report compiles all the dissemination actions that the project and the partners have carried out during the first year of the project.



Focus Groups Report: Learning outcomes on prevention of hazards

This document includes the conclusions of the Focus Groups carried out in the different countries of the Consortium, with health&safety experts on what are the main hazards in works at height and the main preventive measures that should be implemented.



Handy Guide 

This is a document that serves as a framework for the development of the Upp Games app. Available in Spanish and French.



Upp Games application with mini-games

Test your knowledge of Health and Safety for work at heights in the construction sector. Download the Upp Games mobile application by the image below. If you have any doubts about how to install and use the application, download the user's manual from the following link.



Guide for Trainers

Document on the educational use and technological exploitation of the Upp Games application. The main purpose of the game is to motivate safe behaviour by analysing possible obstacles to safety and establishing a system that rewards correct behaviour. Also available in Spanish, French, Italian, German and Slovenian.



Report of the pilot experience

A report on the pilot experiences developed in Italy, Slovenia and Spain. As a result of the global health crisis caused by Covid19 , the remaining pilot tests in the other countries of the consortium had to be stopped.



Memorandum of understanding

Sustainability proposal to ensure the quality of the project results, and facilitates transparency, transfer and recognition of skills and competencies with a view to achieving basic Health and Safety competencies for work at height in the construction sector.