Along the life cycle of VRoad, the partners of the consortium will establish links and synergies with professionals of the sector of construction and professionals of the formative area. A Group of Experts of support to the project will be created with some of those professionals. The function of these specialists is to contribute an independent and objective perspective about the phases that are reached and the final result of the project. These persons will contribute with his knowledge and external evaluations to the improvement of the project.

Every European partner of VRoad will establish relations with experts of their countries in order to obtain the most wide and wealth-producing possible vision that reflects the needs and worries of the European members states participants: Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

Besides the value of his knowledge and of his time, the work with which these experts contribute to the project is an inestimable altruistic effort in benefit of the improvement of the sector and the transformation of the industry of construction towards a more innovative, competitive and sustainable model.


Meet the VRoad experts


  Juan Lobaco, Head of Studies CEPRIFP Aragon       Fundación Laboral de la Construcción de Aragón  
  Trade union CCOO Construction and Services       Antonio González, Delegate of  CCOO  
  Manuel González, Head of Preventive Min. Development       Ministry of Development, Demarcation of Extremadura  
  Estudios de Conservación y Explotación (COEX)       Pedro M.Cruz, Owner and Manager of COEX  
  David Caselles, Roadwork Chief at Audeca-Visever       Audeca-Visever  
  Acciona       Cristina Rodríguez, Head of PRL  
  Juan A. Fernández, Manager of PRL       Acciona  


European vision