Experts validate VRoad virtual reality application


Focus Group validation: December 14th, 2020.

December 16th, 2020. Five experts met this Monday to validate the VRoad virtual reality application in order to discuss the advantages and improvement points of the tool. The debate, which was held online to comply the social distances derived from the Covid-19, included some of the experts who, from the beginning, have been part of the independent advisory group, helping to validate and improve the final result of the project.

Among the conclusions reached, the group highlighted that the application of VRoad is a good complement to training in Health and Safety road works, among other, it guarantees the safety of workers in this sector, by focusing the most common risks involved in this activity (such as outrage). In spite of some aspects of the app that can be improved, they consider that the project has a wide scope, derived from the current needs of e-learning by the pandemic situation. 



The five VRoad partners approach the end of the project


Fifth partnership meeting: October 22nd, 2020.

October 23rd, 2020. The five VRoad partners have met for the fifth and last time to discuss the latest work on the project, with a view to its conclusion and evaluation by the European authority.

It has been two years of partnership in which we have tried to face the risks of road works in a playful and interactive way, including the qualification and safety needs of the sector. For this reason, several materials and researches on the state of the art have been elaborated, which have allowed the development of VRoad's Virtual Reality application, launched in October of this year.

During the meeting, we discussed the results of the pilot tests carried out in the four countries of the consortium: Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. 


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